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Birdie Basics

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The most effective (and fun!) way for children ages 3 – 6 to learn golf.

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Most golf techniques are beyond the reach of little ones. Here’s why Birdie Basics works.

Whole-Child Approach
Our curriculum develops all facets of the child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive—for a better experience and outcome.

Story-Based Creative Play
Children learn better when they are using their imaginations and having fun. Our activities leverage storytelling and creative play to keep kids engaged and delighted.


Multi-Sensory Engagement
Children also learn better when more of their senses are engaged. The Birdie Basics activities are designed to stimulate sight, touch, and hearing.

We’ve developed a way to teach sound golf principles that are accessible to very young minds and bodies, adjusting the techniques for every developmental milestone.

A Really Cool Mascot
Birdie and her friends are integrated into every lesson, entertaining the young golfers and becoming invaluable teaching tool.

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